East Feliciana Parish Assessor
"These forms may be freely copied, reproduced, forwarded, and distributed for personal and official purposes provided you copy, reproduce, forward and distribute each in its entirety and in accordance with the requirements of Louisiana Tax Commission."
  • Residential Property  (LAT 1)   [Word]   [PDF]

  • Personal Property Report  (LAT 5)   [Word]

  • Tax Exemption Analysis  (LAT 5A)   [Word]

  • Loan and Finance Company  (LAT 6)  [Word]

  • Watercraft  (LAT 11)   [Word]

  • Watercraft - Water Vessel Operations  (LAT 11A)  [Word]

  • Oil and Gas Property  (LAT 12)  [Word]

  • Drilling Rigs and Related Equipment (LAT 13)   [Word]

  • Pipelines (LAT 14)  [Word]

  • Aircraft (LAT 15)   [Word]